Group Coaching

Have you noticed that some days you are feeling great and other days not so great? Some weeks you are really productive and other weeks you find yourself procrastinating?

We all have ups and downs in life and can occasionally benefit from coaching. Perhaps you have previously considered finding a coach, but haven’t taken action.

Here is your opportunity to join Mindset Matters Group Coaching sessions!  Group coaching makes it more cost-effective AND it builds on our one to one coaching sessions.

Group Coaching Newbury
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Group Sessions

I enjoy working in a group dynamic. It offers an affordable alternative to personal coaching, by providing my services in a group setting.

I also find my clients enjoy many benefits from group coaching such as…

  • Building camaraderie with other people facing similar challenges.
  • Tapping into the collective wisdom, experience and resources of the group.
  • Gaining motivation, accountability and support as you work towards your goals.
  • The freedom to celebrate your successes in a supportive environment.
  • The opportunity to work with a professional coach at a more affordable rate.

What will you gain from Group Coaching sessions:

  • Clarity on what you specifically want – your goal
  • Identify the current blocks – the current reality
  • Explore opportunities and possibilities
  • Identify actions and tasking

Partnering with a certified NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner and overseen by Les, you will experience being coached using NLP skills within a Coaching structure AND build your own skills in the process.


We will gladly advise you personally and answer all your questions.