Every day we are literally swamped by articles and books an how to detox our bodies. Every kind of eating, juicing and supplements allow us every opportunity of success in this area. However, have you ever thought of why?

How many times have you eaten comfort food because your upset or stressed? Or eaten fast food because you are in a rush or being pushed to meet a deadline? Therefore if your mindset changes then potentially your dietary input will change.

So the most important thing is to detox your mind.

Here are three ideas that you may want to consider:

  1. Look at your social media, look at people who you follow who always post negative or depressing posts. What do they do for your positive mindset?
  2. Look at your activities, what do you that makes you unhappy or drained you of your positivity?
  3. Look at what and who are your stress triggers. What regularly corrodes your mindset who is an energy vampire sucking out your positive energy for their own selfish needs? Now treat your mind like you would your body.

Stop taking on anything toxic. Use a detox method, for example, meditation, yoga or even completely going of radar and enjoying some quality family time. Remember the mind controls the body so there is no point in detoxing the body if you don’t cleanse the mind. Control the outcome.

Written by : Administrator