Mindset Matters

Life can be very ruthless even at the best of times. We're often faced with one adversity after another sometimes it is an accumulation of problems. Overbearing. Stifling. And humiliating. But we all face challenging times in life. We're all put through testing times and bad things happen to us. The question isn't about whether it'll happen. The question is, how will we react when it actually does occur?

Going through adversity is tough. It's hard failing in business. When your finances or your health are in jeopardy, it keeps you up at night and drains all your mental, emotional and spiritual energy. It's tough battling through that. It truly is. But I can help you to overcome just about any adversity in life. You will get through it, eventually, if you focus on these three primary strategies.

Our Founder

Les Crumplin-Hill, wanted to use his skill set to help people who have had health scares and adversity, to give new clarity and focus.

Les Crumplin-Hill, is the founder and head coach of Mindset Matters. He enjoyed a successful career as an international kickboxer representing Great Britain and subsequently became an international Kickboxing coach for the GB national team.

He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a qualified Life Coach, and also holds an advanced diploma in mental health.

These successes led to him being invited into the world of politics and business to help resolve challenges and help people reach their full potential. Eventually opening a consultancy called Specialized Solutions

However, in 2016 he suffered a major health setback. This left him unable to walk, he had no use in his left arm and his speech was very poor at best. This time Les would be using his skills to fight the biggest fight of his life.

He was told he would have to walk with a crutch or stick. However, now walks freely. His speech is back to normal and his arm has made amazing progress. On top of this, he has normalised his blood pressure and cured his diabetes. All this was possible by following his own well-tested formula that he has used as a sports coach and a consultant.

He now teaches this unique system to people from all walks of life. Ranging from elite level sportsmen and women, business persons who have suffered adversity in their life. Allowing them all to benefit from a process-driven system that helps them smash through there goals while consciously reducing the risk of stress and other mental health issues.

Individual Coaching

This is our one to one service. We create a totally bespoke programme that is completely unique to you.

Elite Coaching

One to one fully bespoke service. This is for sportsmen and women who are looking to achieve their optimal performance.

Group Coaching

This works well for groups that have either the same or similar goals. It allows people to learn techniques